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Nationally, organizations like Growing Power are working towards providing sustainable agriculture and food security in under-served communities both urban and rural.

While urban farms offer viable and healthy solutions for communities at feasible prices, many of these farms aren’t seeing profit like the local corner stores and bodegas.

Black farmers are a rarity. New York City alone has over 55,000 white farmers and slightly under 120 Black ones. Many groups across the nation will attempt to increase agriculture in urban communities by celebrating National Black Agriculture Awareness Week from the July 10th to the 16th.

TheGrio.com reports:

“How can we talk about sustainable agriculture — how can it be sustainable if a whole race of farmers is being lost?” Karen Washington, founder of the Black Farmers and Urban Gardeners Conference said.”If nothing is done about educating around this and getting people of color more interested in farming, then ten years from now there’ll be no black farmers. And I’ll have to take my grandchildren and point to them in a museum? Not happening.”

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