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White privilege is a term that has historically been used to identify the privileges, opportunities, and gratuities offered by the American society to anyone who is Caucasian and not a member of an ethnic group. This has manifested itself in a number of ways, such as, better housing, education, economic opportunities, and higher wages, etc. for Caucasians.

It is a Eurocentric attitude of superiority that is perpetuated in America by the so-called “Good Ole Boy” system of covert racism that prevents non-whites from recieving equal, fair and just treatment.

The biggest problem with white privilege is the invisibility it maintains to those who benefit from it most. The inability to recognize that many of the advantages whites hold are a direct result of the disadvantages of other people, contributes to the unwillingness of white people, even those who are not overtly racist, to recognize their part in maintaining and benefiting from white supremacy.

Does white privilege really exist? Join Wendy Wright, anti-racsist scholar, Jeb Middlebrook and white privilege skeptic, Selwyn Duke today at 1pm ET for a passionate debate about the existence of white privilege. Talk just got interesting!

Wright On The Edge, Saturday from 1-3pm on WOL and streaming live at woldcnews.com

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