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Halloween brings a lot of fun with parties, costumes and candy. It can also bring violence. Many gangs have initiation rituals that take place on Halloween and it can also bring violence.

Rumors have also helped stir up fear on Halloween, as false reports of plans for violence often spread.

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The Grio reports:

In recent years, police in some cities such as New York have tried to dispel these fears, while other cities have taken the threats seriously. For example, last year at Fairfield University in Connecticut, the school’s department of public safety sent an email to students regarding reports of a potential gang initiation that would target college students on Halloween. Fairfield and Bridgeport police departments worked together with the university to investigate the matter.

2008 was a busy year for the “gang initiation week” concept. In the days before Halloween in 2008, two men were arrested in Newark, New Jersey for a drug- and gang-related shooting rampage that left two dead. And an intelligence report by the Virginia state police presented a possible scenario in which the Bloods would target law enforcement on Halloween, with an ambush precipitated by a low-level gang member following a call to police about a domestic disturbance or a street fight.

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