Originating in Ireland, this holiday's traditions have adapted from country to country. From Mexico to Italy, the day, attire and meaning range all over the world...

Happy Halloween! Enjoy the spooky festivities with us as we pay homage to the Black heroes of 10 classic horror films.

After seeing a wee trick-or-treater dressed as the recently departed Prince, President Obama belted out a (very soulful) few lines of “Purple Rain” as he dropped a few goodies in his Halloween pumpkin.

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A Detroit woman is proving that real-life is scarier than anything fictional this Halloween, as she has decided to use her decorations as a means to make a powerful statement about the recent tragedies around the country. https://twitter.com/TheRoot/status/785933109174931456 Larethia Haddon expected that she would draw a lot attention, surprised eyes and even controversy for her […]

The husband of the mayor of a small Oklahoma town has apologized for posing as a Ku Klux Klan member for Halloween.

Genesis, the adorable four-year-old daughter of Viola Davis, refused to dress up as the popular Disney character Elsa or a pirate. Instead, she wanted to be her Emmy Award-winning mother.


More than $6 million in cocaine was seized at the Port of Philadelphia after federal agents found the drugs amongst a shipment of pumpkins


Oh, look. Little Mikey Seaver is spreading his madness to anyone who will listen again. The child-actor turned fundamentalist, Bible-thumper recently said that Halloween is…

A series of shootings occurred last night in Washington D.C. as the city celebrated Halloween. Various confrontations between area youth sparked the gunfire which started in the Georgetown neighborhood. See Also: Black Travel: Visit Washington D.C. See Also: Heidi Klum, Seal Do Gorillas For Halloween According to WJLA-TV/ABC7, a confrontation started between two groups of […]

Halloween brings a lot of fun with parties, costumes and candy. It can also bring violence. Many gangs have initiation rituals that take place on Halloween and it can also bring violence. Rumors have also helped stir up fear on Halloween, as false reports of plans for violence often spread. See also: Herman Cain Smoking Ad […]