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The Washington Wizards have agreed to a $170 million, four-year contract extension for all-star point guard John Wall. Two insiders told The Associated Press on Friday night that the extension will start with the 2019 season. The people confirmed the terms of the agreement to the AP on condition of anonymity because the Wizards have […]

After the recent congressional shooting, random presidential twitter covfefe, and suspected ties to Russia, national security officials found it in their best interest to beef up protection this Fourth of July weekend. Just four days away from Independence Day and fences have gone up, screening tents, and protection against vehicle attacks. Law enforcement says visitors […]

It is very important to know your status no matter who you are and who you love. HIV testing keeps us all safe and aware. Today is National HIV Testing Day. You can go get free testing in multiple areas. Check out the testing locator below to find a testing station closest to you.


A wave of Confederate Flags, homemade cut-up tees and shorts, and men screaming white power littered the steps of the Lincoln Memorial on Sunday. Others occupied The White House. However, the proud “freedom of speech” groups were met with opposition as other ideologies counteracted their pursuit…whatever it was. White supremacist stated they were rallying for […]


Democratic D.C. Councilman Charles Allen, who chairs the public safety committee, wrote a letter to Park Police Chief Robert MacLean on Friday seeking clarity on the reasoning behind three African American teenagers handcuffed on last Thursday for selling bottled water on the National Mall. According to Sgt. Anna Rose of the U.S. Park Police, shortly […]

18 year old Aaron Crouch, of Prince George’s County, is on his way to being a major world opera star. Though he was accepted into the renowned Julliard School of the Arts in New York, Crouch decided to complete his first year at the Curtis Institute of Music, a conservatory in Philadelphia that is rumored […]


Monday afternoon storms, although delayed, showed no mercy to Montgomery County, Maryland. The Nation Weather Service confirmed a tornado brisked through the region. In addition, The NWS rated the storm at EF-0 on the Enhanced Fujita scale, often characterized as superficial damage to local structures and shrubbery. The National Weather Service confirmed a tornado hit […]


A letter has been signed calling for investigation into an alleged “widespread systemic corruption” that fraudulently boosted high school graduation rates since 2014 by board members of Maryland’s second largest school district. Prince George’s County’s 14 school board members allege, according to local news outlets, evidence of changed grades and credits to students for courses […]

  Father’s Day is typically greeted with mixed reactions, frustrations, and sometimes hate in the black community. So much so that good fathers and healthy father/child relationships are often overlooked. This stigma leaves us devastated, deprived, and unenthusiastic as it relates to fatherhood. However, one organization has set out to replace chips for apples and […]