Mental Health

Actress Taraji P. Henson has launched an initiative centered on helping Black youth overcome mental health struggles.

Taraji P. Henson is putting her time in quarantine to good use and created a mental health service for the Black community. Taraji announced the new initiative on Instagram on Wednesday, where she took note of the hardships and struggles Black communities are facing during this dangerous time of COVID-19.

As the number of cases of COVID-19 starts to rise, your mental health may start to decline.  Being secluded to only one place can feel taxing not only to your body but also your mind.  With there being very little balance between work and play these days, here are some ways to protect your mental health while in quarantine.

Growing up, we’re made to believe that perfectionism is something positive. We’re unconsciously taught that being first, never making a mistake, appearing flawless and constantly winning in every facet of life is what’ll get us the best job, the highest salary, a successful friend group, thousands of likes and followers on Instagram, the envy of […]

According to The National Coalition Against Domestic Violence 1 in every 4 women will experience domestic violence at least once in their lifetime. The facts are staggering and the impact is catastrophic to the victims and those that witness and/or experience the trauma along with the victim.