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The money is intended to assist parents, teachers and students during the coronavirus crisis.

What is the path going forward in an America led by one of the most polarizing President-elects in modern-day history?

Author Cornell Belcher declares that the rise of Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump "was a predictable backlash from America electing its first Black president."

Wisconsin State Senator Lena Taylor discusses Black voters mobilizing against voter suppression and voter ID legislation.

Donald Trump continues to use divisive rhetoric in the last weeks before the 2016 presidential election.

Donald Trump refusing to say he will accept election results is dangerous and problematic.

The 'Walking While Black' incident near a construction site in Edina, Minnesota, was captured on videotape.

Mayor Kasim Reed believes Georgia can turn from Red to Blue if Democrats allocate resources in the Peach State.

The Alfred Olango shooting raises more questions about the nation's police. How should they respond to the mentally ill?