Dr. Claud Anderson, “The Man with the Plan” reports on the inaugural Harvest Day Festival & more. Dr. Anderson is the only person we know of that has a Comprehensive Economic plan specifically for Blacks. Before we get to Dr. Anderson, Griot & Educator, Dr. Leonard Jeffries reflects on 1619.

Author and Harvard-trained scientist, Dr. Leonard Horowitz discusses how plans to nuke hurricanes and the Amazonia fires are part of a PSYOPS move. Dr. Horowitz who revealed the emergence of the AIDS & Ebola viruses also will talk about why pedophile Jeffrey Epstein may be still alive. The Dr. will also shed light on the […]

Geo-Political Analyst, Craig Hulet will discuss the Trump/China standoff, the Corporate & Foreign interests behind the push to transfer US Nuclear technology to Saudi Arabi, the FBI’s foreknowledge of the EL Paso shooting, White Nationalism, how the Global Trade War has morphed into a Currency War, Domestic Right-Wing Extremist Groups, The G-7 Meeting & more. […]

Dr. Frances Cress Welsing’s mentor, Neely Fuller Jr. responds to the Jay Z-NFL deal. Neely Fuller will explain how this relates to his theory of Racism/White Supremacy. Before we sit down with Neely Fuller, Coach Butch Mcadams checks in with his take on the Jay Z deal, the Lakers ongoing problems, the NFL preseason, the […]

The Chair of History and African American Studies at the University of Houston, Dr. Gerald Horne will talk about today’s anniversary of Afrikans landing on these shores 400 years ago, he’ll also explain what the Russians are doing in Africa. In addition, Dr. Horne will talk about the showdown in Hong Kong, why Venezuela is […]

Morgan State University Professor, Dr. Ray Winbush checks in to discuss Marcus Garvey & Garvey’s influence in the diaspora. Dr. Winbush will also talk about Jay Z claiming the task of kneeling for NFL players is over, & also the anniversary of the first Afrikans to these shores. Before we speak with Dr. Winbush, Steve […]