Former Black Panther Leader, Elaine Brown explains her journey as an activist, singer, politician & author. Elaine is now CEO of a non-profit organization dedicated to launching and sustaining for-profit businesses for cooperative-ownership by formerly incarcerated people and other people facing monumental social barriers to economic survival. Before we speak with Elaine, the University of […]

Activist, Warrior-Attorney, Nana Gyamfi returns to discuss the recently released Sandra Brand video, the South African Elections, Venezuela, Brazil, Reparations, Trump and more. The Big Show starts on WOL 95.9 FM & 1450 AM & at 4 pm ET. 3 pm CT., 1 pm PT., Call in # 800 450 7876 to participate, & listen live also on […]

Multi-Talented Researcher, Keidi Awadu discusses today’s elections in South Africa & if much has changed in The Rainbow Nation since the first open elections that saw Nelson Mandela become president 25 years ago. Before we get to Brother Keidi we will look at the recent video of Sandra Bland’s arrest, Trump’s tax returns & more. Getting us […]

  Pan-African activist scholar-activist, Dr. James Small on May Day celebrations, Venezuela, Reparations, African states donating to rebuild Notre Dame Cathedral & more. Before we get to our Griot, The Faith Brothers and we will also get some health tips from Dr. James ‘Jazzy’ Jordan.

  Black Politics Expert, Dr. James Taylor checks in to discuss how Joe Biden’s entry into the Democratic Presidential race changes the competition, The Mueller Report: The Politics of Impeaching Donald Trump and more. Before we meet Dr. Taylor, The Minister of Wellness, Nathaniel Jordan on how to spot stroke symptoms with John Singleton’s death & Peabo Bryson’s illness, […]

  The Master Teacher, Ashra Kwesi destroys the origin of The Ressurection or Easter story. Brother Kwesi will also talk about the origin of the Bible, the creation story, how many of the stories that are written inside the temples in Kemet turned up in The Bible & more. Before we get the Brother Kwesi, […]