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A parent who has disowned their child is a failed parent, not a proud one, and, at any rate, Thomas and his wife appear to have, possibly intentionally, kept their ties to Martin out of public knowledge until relatively recently. The post Criminal Defendant Who Clarence Thomas Raised ‘As A Son’ Says He’s Been Put Out Of Their Lives appeared first on NewsOne.

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Inside are select short and rare clips of Malcolm X speaking that we hope will inspire you as they have inspired many of us. The post Malcolm X In His Own Words: Rare Videos Of El Hajj Malik El Shabazz That Are Still Relevant appeared first on NewsOne.

Ben Crump will host a news conference on Feb. 21 to introduce two new witnesses who offered evidence in the alleged conspiracy case. The post Malcolm X Assassination: Ben Crump To Introduce New Witnesses In Conspiracy Case appeared first on NewsOne.

After his trip to Ethiopia in 1978, Bob Marley was determined to make a return to Africa and did so 2 years later to celebrate Zimbabwe gaining their independence from Britain. Watch his performance here...

Urban One is saddened by the passing of Joe Madison who was the host of 'The Joe Madison Show' on WOL and WOLB...

As Dr. MLK Day approaches, National Geographic released the official trailer for its newest installment of anthology series “Genius: MLK/X.”

Approval ratings for the first female Vice President have fluctuated over the years. The post Keeping Up With Vice President Kamala Harris’ Approval Rating appeared first on NewsOne.

The King Center will hold a week-plus-long celebration in honor of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and his eponymous federal holiday. The post MLK Day 2024: The King Center Reveals Detailed Schedule Of Events For Upcoming Holiday appeared first on NewsOne.

Black thought leader 19 Keys sits down with Jazmyn Summers to chop it up about the spiritual message that has his popularity blowing up. The post Black Thought Leader 19 Keys: Unveiling Wisdom, Overcoming Trials, and Advocating for Truth in a Complex World appeared first on Black America Web.

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Fred Hampton was only 21 years old when he was killed on Dec. 4, 1969, but his political, social and revolutionary legacy stands the test of time through these following quotes. The post 15 Of Fred Hampton’s Most Political And Revolutionary Quotes appeared first on NewsOne.