In her controversial new book, “The Cheating Guide” (From A Woman’s Point of View), author Jay West gives insight to the many questions she says people have about playing the cheating game. The book is intended as a guide for men and claims that the fantasy affair is achievable if you know the rules and […]

From the southside of Chicago to halls where he is the main speaker, the story of Farrah Gray is nothing short of inspirational. Gray, who grew up in an impoverished household where the fridge being empty was normal, became an entrepreneur at the young age of 6 until the age of 14 when he moved […]

South Carolina representative Tim Scott is emerging as a GOP power broker after he brought presidential candidate Rick Perry to his coastal South Carolina town. Perry saw firsthand the love that Scott’s supporters have for the house freshman. Read an excerpt here: That Mr. Scott is emerging as a power broker in the South Carolina […]

A Chicago man is claiming that he was the victim of a hate crime when he was cut with a knife across his face at an Indiana convenience store. That man, 50-year-old Mark Neal, was arrested and charged with the vicious attack on Elree Jones. “He just slashed my face. I still had my phone […]

American doll and apparel line, American Girl, has recently released their second African American doll in 25 years of business. The first Black doll, known as Addy Walker, was the single African-American character in the company’s Historic Collection, and a former slave. Their latest character, Cécile Rey, “a bold, confident girl from a well-to-do African-American family,” tells […]

A new book titled “Jacqueline Kennedy: Historic Conversations on Life with John F. Kennedy,” says that the former first lady didn’t think too highly of civil rights leader, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. She called him “phony” and “tricky” in a 1964 interview in which she spoke about life in the White House. Former First […]

Writer Mashaun D. Simon wrote an article on TheGrio today focusing on the foreclosures many Black churches are facing as real estate agents don’t see them as lucrative businesses anymore. Read an excerpt of the article below: Gone are the days when a faith-based institution or church could simply walk into a bank and make […]

Our Atlanta radio station, Majic 107.5, recently had an interview with White House senior advisor and  assistant to the president for Public Engagement and Intergovernmental Affairs, Valerie Jarrett. Jarrett called into the Steve Harvey Morning Show today to discuss the American Jobs Act, which President Obama unveiled to America in a televised speech to Congress […]

Last night, President Obama gave his long awaited speech on the $450 billion jobs bill that he is looking to pass through Congress. The reception to his speech was positive from both Democratic and Republican commentators. Now all the president has to worry about is whether Republicans will help him out on this bill, or […]

NEW YORK — While many New Yorkers have seen rats on the the tracks and even on the platforms, one woman was bitten by a rat at the popular Brooklyn Bridge train station in Manhattan. A woman was bitten by a rat in her foot on the J train platform resulting in a hospital visit. […]