Republican presidential hopeful Herman Cain criticized the name of a hunting camp once leased by Gov. Rick Perry’s family as “just plain insensitive.” The name of the camp — “Niggerhead” — was first reported by the Washington Post on Saturday. The paper said the name was painted on a rock at the entrance of the […]

Texas governor Rick Perry’s campaign was in damage control mode yesterday after after a Washington Post article revealed the racial slur that was used to describe a ranch where Perry and his father once hunted. Rev. Al Sharpton told POLITICO he plans to be “all over” the story on his MSNBC show on Monday afternoon. […]

If you thought the prospect of Chris Christie entering the race or Rick Perry’s weak debate performances have him in trouble, you haven’t seen anything yet. Rick Perry owns a family hunting camp that was once called “Niggerhead,” and he is in the middle of a deep controversy because of it. What makes it even […]

WOBURN, Mass. — A former Harvard University student was sentenced Friday to three years in prison after pleading guilty in connection with the 2009 fatal shooting of a Cambridge man during a drug robbery inside a dormitory. By pleading guilty Friday, Brittany Smith, 24, admitted she hid the gun used in the shooting of Justin […]

Police arrested a Washington couple this week on homicide by abuse and assault charges months after their 13-year-old adopted daughter was found dead at their residence. Larry P. Williams and Carri D. Williams’ adopted daughter Hana, who was adopted from Ethiopia in 2008 and came to America in search for a better life, was found […]

Often times peaceful protests turn violent. Many times police turn on protesters with violence, and sometimes peaceful protesters turn violent when confronted by police unjustly. There is a thin line between a peaceful protest and a riot. Sometimes violent people take advantage of peaceful protests to wreak havoc. 5. Oscar Grant Protests One week after […]

A few days ago, a couple of girlfriends and I got together for dinner to catch up, vent and let off some overheated steam. What started off as escapism from our every day battles quickly transformed into a precise focus on those very struggles. ‘Tamika, I want to talk about anything but politics, nothing serious […]

After three days of statements and testimonies in the Dr. Conrad Murray manslaughter case, a clear message has been conveyed by the defense–  Michael Jackson’s addiction to the dangerous anesthetic, propofol, killed the pop legend. Also read: Conrad Murray Trial: A Breakdown Of The Prosecution’s Argument Murray’s defense team is painting a picture of Murray […]

Ex-bullying victim turned Anti-bullying activist Nadin Khoury is speaking out. Khoury shared his thoughts on Jeremy Rodemeyer, a 14-year-old that committed suicide after being bullied for being gay, on MSNBC. Khoury himself knows the stress of being bullied after a camera-phone video of him being dragged through the snow surfaced online. “It’s not fair for anybody that’s […]

Maryland has made it illegal to text and drive, but lawmakers discovered some loopholes in their original law. Those gaps will be closed with a new law that will take effect Saturday. WHAT YOU SHOULD KNOW>>>>