WASHINGTON — A freshman Democratic senator accused President Barack Obama on Tuesday of failing to provide leadership on a worsening national deficit as top Republicans and Democrats on Capitol Hill spent more time pointing fingers than seeking common ground on a must-do measure to fund the government for the next six months. ALSO READ: WBW […]

This afternoon on the Bernie McCain Show, Dr. Phoenyx will be talking about “The State of Marriage.” Dr. Phoenyx is a physician, writer, and media personality. She’s a woman of many accomplishments and ambitions, but she is most simply a young woman living passionately and truthfully- hoping to empower, encourage, and inspire through her witty, […]

(Washington, DC)  –A Metro customer is suing the transit agency for a 2009 incident involving an elevator at the Forest Glen rail station  .  According to the “Examiner,” Juana Foster is seeking more than 500-thousand dollars from Metro after the elevator she was riding in “suddenly and without warning dropped down violently,” throwing her to […]

Of course one of Hip-Hop music’s greatest break beats is a jazz record. “Take Me to the Mardi Gras” by Bob James originally appeared on the jazz fusion artist’s album Two, released in 1975. A pianist arranger and producer, James has numerous records in his catalog that have been raided by producers over the years, […]

(Manassas, VA)  —   The suspected East Coast Rapist remains behind bars on a one-point-five-million-dollars bond. Police say Aaron Thomas raped more than a dozen women along the eastern seaboard over a 12-year period.  Now, police are analyzing Thomas’ DNA to see if he’s connected to more unsolved rape cases.  Police are asking potential victims to take […]

(Washington, DC)  — The president of the University of the District of Columbia is scheduled to testify this afternoon before the DC Counc il.  Dr. Allen Sessoms will answer questions regarding his high-priced travel expenses.  Records show he has spent thousands of university dollars on trips, including nearly eight-thousand dollars to fly one-way to Egypt and 14-hundred […]

The NFL and the Players Association agreed to a seven-day extension of the collective bargaining agreement negotiations, giving fans hope that a season lockout may still be avoided.

What are the 99 THINGS WOMEN WISH THEY KNEW BEFORE DATING AFTER 40, 50 & Yes, 60! Are you tired of getting into relationships that go nowhere? Fed-up with making poor choices or wasting time on partners who don’t share your ‘path’? Dating at midlife has its own special challenges. To succeed, it’s important to […]