VIA ARA LIFESTYLE: The financial crisis has brought about new kinds of challenges for many Americans. High gas prices, foreclosures and low wages are some well-known symptoms. One of the biggest obstacles, however, has been the feeling of uncertainty we encounter on a daily basis, whether it be our job stability, our family budgets, or […]

VIA DCIST: The U.S. Postal Service is attempting full collection and delivery throughout the Metro area today, even though many roads are still impassable. “We will do our best to provide service,” spokesperson Deborah Yackley said via email. Some retail post office locations remain closed due to staffing issues. A list of open retail units […]

VIA MYFOXDC: The second of back-to-back blizzards that smothered the East Coast and eclipsed seasonal snowfall records with more than a month of winter remaining had tapered off by Thursday, although governments and schools remained closed to contend with the aftermath. In Washington, D.C., the federal government planned to be closed for a fourth straight […]

VIA MYFOXDC: Public Schools Alexandria Public Schools – CLOSED THRU FRIDAY Allegany County Public Schools – CLOSED Anne Arundel County Schools – CLOSED the remainder of the week Arlington County Schools – CLOSED THE REMAINDER OF THE WEEK ADMIN OFFICES CLOSED THURS / OPEN FRIDAY Baltimore City Schools – CLOSED Baltimore County Public Schools – […]

VIA:  NBLSA.Org Melinda Hightower is a native of Detroit, Michigan, and attended Cornell University, where she received her Bachelor of Science in Industrial and Labor Relations in 2000. At Cornell, she was a Mening Family Cornell National Scholar and a member of the Cornell Debate Team. In 2000, she was selected to be member of […]

VIA:  NAACP.Org The NAACP was formed partly in response to the continuing horrific practice of lynching and the 1908 race riot in Springfield, the capital of Illinois and resting place of President Abraham Lincoln. Appalled at the violence that was committed against blacks, a group of white liberals that included Mary White Ovington and Oswald […]

VIA: Professional tennis players. Serena Williams Born September 26, 1981, in Saginaw, Michigan. With her older sister, Venus, Williams born June 17, 1980 in Lynwood California took the tennis world by storm beginning in the late 1990s. The sisters harnessed their powerful groundstrokes and booming serves to rise in the rankings in both women’s […]

VIA THE DC EXAMINER: With the snow blizzard of 2010 re-upping on last night and continuing into today, weather predictions estimate that at least 6 inches of added snow will lay on the ground once the snow fall ceases. This unprecedented snow fall that began last Friday, stopped on Saturday and picked up again last […]

VIA THE WASHINGTON POST: We are living through some of the most extreme winter weather we’ll ever experience in the metro region this morning. Heavy snow, winds exceeding 40 mph, and true whiteout conditions have paralyzed the entire region and steady snow will continue for a couple more hours or so (longer north and east […]


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