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Kanye West has gotten away with a lot of things over the years that we probably wouldn’t accept from any other artist. In his latest rant, he admits that if he’d voted, it would’ve been for Donald Trump. So is it official, are we over Yeezy?

Check out these 10 reasons why we’re officially done with Kanye West.


10 Reasons Why We’re Officially Done With Kanye West  was originally published on

1. The Many Times He’s Slut-Shamed Amber Rose.

The Many Times He’s Slut-Shamed Amber Rose.

For as much as Kanye talks about Amber, you’d forget he’s married to another woman. Almost five years after the pair split, he’s bashed her every chance he gets, saying that he had to take 30 showers before hooking up with wife Kim, and even calling her out at the 2016 VMAs. Not cool, bro.

2. Supporting Donald Trump.

Supporting Donald Trump.

Kanye West claimed he’d run for President in 2020, but after his endorsement of Donald Trump, we’re not sure if fans will support that decision.

3. Fashion Industry Rants.

Fashion Industry Rants.

It’s one thing to be passionate about a project, but for most of 2014-2015, Kanye went on a media tour solely to bash Nike and any other clothing lines that didn’t believe in his vision. That’s where he started losing, folks.

4. Overpriced Clothing Line.

Overpriced Clothing Line.

People were excited to support Kanye’s clothing line after seeing how passionate he was about it – until they saw the clothes were not at all affordable. Some of his regular camo tees cost over $500.

5. Calling out Jay Z.

Calling out Jay Z.

Out of all the people for Kanye to blast, no one would expect him to call out his big brother Jay Z. After Kim Kardashian’s robbery, ‘Ye was furious that Jay didn’t come by to check on them. He even brought up the fact that North West and Blue Ivy don’t hang out. Bad move.

6. Bashing Sebastian.

Bashing Sebastian.

Many people felt that Kanye crossed the line when he brought up Amber’s son Sebastian in his Twitter beef with her and Wiz. He tweeted that he “owned” Sebastian and if it wasn’t for him, there would be no Baby Bash. Yikes.

7. Code Switching.

Code Switching.

A couple of years ago, fans noticed that during a few of Kanye’s interviews, his voice didn’t sound the same (aka the code switch). ‘Ye addressed his decision to use what he calls his “White voice,” saying that he only uses it in corporate situations. OK, ‘Ye.

8. Flipping Out On Sway.

Flipping Out On Sway.

Kanye’s 2013 interview with Sway caused many fans to believe their boy had lost it. At first, it was funny, but after watching the video again, you realize that Yeezy’s response was unwarranted. He didn’t talk to Charlamagne that way. *Sips tea*

9. Abruptly Ending Concerts.

Abruptly Ending Concerts.

Kanye stopped a show during the middle of a performance when he got news that his wife Kim had been robbed at gunpoint in Paris. Of course, we all had to suck that one up because it was a family emergency. But that wasn’t the first or the last time ‘Ye just decided he didn’t want to perform anymore. He canceled two of his shows in NYC in 2016.

10. Narcissism.


Granted, when Kanye hit the scene back in 2003, his confidence was the very thing that garnered him all of the attention. But over a decade later, it’s the very thing that turns people off. You can call yourself a genius and not be overly cocky about it. Remember, real Gs move in silence.