ATLANTA-Maya Penn, an 11-year-old girl from Canton, Georgia has created her own line of Eco-friendly clothing called Maya’s Ideas which she sells online. Penn, who is home-schooled has already been featured on and donates 10% of her profits to worldwide and Atlanta charities. The Grio reports: The home-schooled seventh-grader from Canton, Georgia, says when […]

Vinson Hardimon, 28, an Atlanta rapper known professionally as Young Vito, turned himself in to police just days after he was fingered as the prime suspect in the December 16 murder of another Atlanta MC, Slim Dunkin. The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports: SEE ALSO: Take That! Walmart Shopper Punches Greeter For Checking Her Receipt Atlanta police […]

As the Occupy Movement springs up across the U.S., Occupy Atlanta may be the most pertinent as census data shows that the city has the widest income gap between rich and poor in the country. According to the census, the most income-segregated areas tend to be in the city’s suburbs where, as of 2008, 85 […]

Occupy Atlanta, a protest inspired by the Occupy Wall St. demonstrations in New York, made news this past weekend after civil rights legend John Lewis was denied the chance to speak to protesters. Footage showing the public denying Lewis, the civil rights organizer who worked closely with with Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, surfaced on […]

Joey Digital, the Atlanta club promoter who recently made the news for discounts he offered to women with natural hair, released a statement to clear up controversy that has emerged since he announced his offer. Digital addresses the promotion on his blog with a recollection of how the promotion started, the misconceptions and what he […]

An Atlanta man is using discounts to encourage Black women to wear their hair natural. Joey Digital, an Atlanta club promoter who has openly expressed his love for natural hair online, is offering discounts for various events for women with natural hair that use the code “natural” when buying tickets. Joey Digital has expressed his […]

GEORGIA — Cheating has been uncovered in at least five more Georgia schools after an investigative team made up of Richard Hyde, who first uncovered widespread cheating in Atlanta schools, as well as workers from the Georgia Bureau of Investigation expanded their search to schools outside of Atlanta. Analysis of test erasures are not conclusive, […]

ATLANTA — An Atlanta 12-year-old girl recently solved a crime using her detective skills. When Jessica Maple’s family home was burglarized, she used the detective skills she learned from the Junior DA program at the Fulton County District Attorney’s office. After furniture, beds and the washer and dryer were found missing, Maple used her skills […]

An off-duty McDonald’s manager has been arrested after she allegedly punched a woman in a Georgia McDonald’s for bringing her autistic kids in the restaurant with their guide dog. The woman, Tiffany Denise Allen, has been charged with battery, assault and disorderly conduct for attacking Jennifer Schwenker. According to authorities, Allen was infuriated when she […]

ATLANTA — It seems that the list of accusers for Bishop Eddie Long just keep getting well, longer. A 22-year-old gay man is accusing Bishop Eddie Long of having a sexual relationship with him while he was in college. Centino Kemp, who was raised in the Bahamas, said the relationship was so intense that he […]