Kei-Touch interviewed Tiffany Gill, writer, speaker, advocate and founder of Black Girls Unscripted (BGU) - a unique global community of women and girls dedicated to harnessing the power of Black women’s stories and utilizing them as a tool to heal, educate, and inspire.

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As national and local community leaders, we are considering how we both protect and build on the progress we have made to expand opportunity for our communities over the past eight years, and enlist all corners of our community to tackle the persistent challenges we still face.

The event, which happened last month, was aimed at empowered our youth to read and see themselves as heroes.

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Over the past couple of years, The term “black girl magic” has become commonplace in our vocabulary for good reason. Black girls and women have been showing extraordinary skill in everything from academics to athletics. Even in entertainment, Black women and girls are breaking out of traditional, stereotypical roles to ones that show complex characters with […]

Oakland Public Schools announced plans to launch a program focused on helping Black girls succeed. The school district pioneered a similar program for at-risk Black boys in 2010.

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In what has become known as "The Talk," which parents give Black boys about police encounters, I also teach my daughter to respect authority, but that she should never allow her rights to be violated.

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According to author Monique Morris, Black girls make up 16 percent of American school students, but account for over 33 percent of school arrests.

It's the first out of 430 registered caucuses that will focus solely on the issues that we as African-American women face.

Willow Smith presented a more mature look with her parents Will and Jada Pinkett Smith at Black Girls Rock! over the weekend. Willow showed love and support…

The benefits of exercise with regards to weight loss does not affect Black girls in the way that it does their White counterparts, according to research published…