Chadwick Boseman

Chadwick Boseman is living his best life, and inspiring people along the way. Yesterday (May 13), the Black Panther actor addressed the class of 2018 at Howard University’s commencement.  “When you have reached the Hilltop and you are deciding on next steps, you would rather find purpose than a career. Purpose is an essential element […]

A tragic school bus accident in Chattanooga, Tennessee took the lives of at least five elementary school students on Monday.

Bremer Trust, the administrator of his estate, filed court documents in Carver County, Minnesota, claiming that 13 people have failed to establish a close connection to Prince.

The Academy has learned its lesson, so the film organization is doing something about its glaring diversity problem. About 46 percent of new members of its voting body are people of colors, but that still might not be enough to make a huge difference just yet. Society as a whole made the good people behind […]

After causing a stir for attempting to auction off the firearm used to kill Trayvon Martin, George Zimmerman is still determined to sell the gun. According to reports, Zimmerman will repost the gun on an auction site for the third time. When he first put the firearm on the auction block, he priced the gun […]

A tribute to all the actors and actresses who have brought legends back to life through films.

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