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Even in the midst of disaster and natural calamity, it’s important for us all to remember one intangible that makes this country one of the leading nations in the world: the ability to set aside differences, come together as one and heal.

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More than 40 percent of Florida residents are still without electricity Wednesday, with several deaths having been reported in the Hurricane Irma's aftermath.

National News

As Florida and surrounding islands attempt to begin the recovery process after Hurricane Irma absolutely ravaged through, the unfortunate death toll due to the storm continues to rise. The latest reported casualties come from a Florida nursing home where eight residents died as the result of a power outage. Hurricane Irma may be over, […]

Life long Palm Beach resident, Baba Amefika Geuka updates us on the situation in his state of Florida following Hurricane Irma, how it compares to past hurricanes, Global Warming its effects & more.

European governments accused of placing the needs of White tourists ahead of poor Black island residents has caused simmering racial tensions to awake.

The Tom Joyner Morning Show

MIAMI (AP) — Aid rushed into hurricane-scarred Florida early Tuesday, residents began to dig out, and officials slowly pieced together the scope of Irma’s vicious path of destruction across the peninsula. Even as glimmers of hope emerged from parts of the state forecasters once worried would be razed by the storm, the fate of the […]

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Beyoncé tells members of her Houston home church, "Y'all are my family."

Roland checks in with Weather Channel meteorologist Paul Goodloe who is getting drenched with rain in Naples, Fl. Hurricane Irma has produced wind speeds of 142 mph and Goodloe says, “This is a historic hurricane. The damage with this thing is tremendous.” First responders according to Goodloe cannot go out for rescues once winds get up […]

The now Category 3 storm, which just ripped through the Florida Keys on Sunday, currently has a death toll of 28. 


Throughout his NBA career, Tim Duncan mainly let his play on the court speak for him. Now, Duncan is speaking directly to the people in hopes to help rebuild his hometown. Duncan’s native home of The U.S. Virgin Islands was hit hard by Hurricane Irma and it’s in the path of Hurricane Jose. In an […]