Ronnie and Shamari Devoe have been married for over 11 years but it hasn’t always been easy. The New Edition/BBD legend and the former Blaque singer talked with Jacque Reid about how they overcame their marital issues through marriage counseling. Ronnie explained, “Sometimes you really just don’t have the skills that are necessary to figure […]

04/18/17 – Jacque Reid goes Inside Her Story with Lovely Hoffman, a Boston based teacher who created an original song titled “My Black Is Beautiful” to teach her students about self love. Watch the music video below. Like on Facebook. Follow us on Twitter

Jacque Reid goes “Inside Her Story” with Derrica Wilson, Black and Missing Foundation, about the alarming number of Black teen girls that have gone missing in the Washington D.C. area. Like on Facebook. Follow us on Twitter.

06/21/16 – Jacque Reid goes Inside Her Story with author Evie Rhodes about the death of her son and what she is doing to prevent other families from experiencing this devastation. For more information visit Like on Facebook. Follow us on Twitter.