The 49ers quarterback donated his sneaker collection to orphanages and homeless shelters in the San Francisco Bay area.

Medicare paid $23 million for dead patients in 2011 and $29 million for drug benefits for illegal immigrants from 2009 to 2011, according to a…

District of Columbia Senior State Director Louis C. Davis, Jr., called our newsline to talk about “You’re Earned A Say” and what it means to people 50+ in the District of Columbia. AARP has launched You’ve Earned a Say to help Washington, DC residence make their voices heard about the future of Medicare and Social […]

WASHINGTON — As negotiations on raising the debt limit persist, reports say President Obama is willing to reduce significant spending in Medicare and Social Security in exchange for Republican support in fresh tax revenue. This deal may upset many Democratic policymakers, however, Obama is set to argue in a meeting Thursday morning that a consensus […]