MIAMI (AP) — A 13-year-old girl was shot to death in front of her sister and several other students while riding the bus to a…

MIAMI  — Doctors in Miami have successfully removed a spear accidentally shot through a teenager’s skull during a spearfishing trip. SEE ALSO: Meet The Right’s…

MIAMI-Luis Gonzalez a 50-year-old man from Hialeah, Florida has been charged with a hate crime and attempted murder after police determined he was lying after he told them he was shot in the head in an attempted robbery. Police found out that there was no attempted robbery and that Gonzalez was shot after trying to […]

MIAMI — Miami residents are concerned with the upcoming “Freaknik” Spring Break party. “Freaknik” was previously held in Atlanta before being banned. At the this year’s Urban Beach Weekend during Memorial Day, a man was killed by police after a car chase. Miami Residents Rally To End “Urban Beach Weekend” Commissioner Calls For Curfew After […]

A twenty-two-year-old man with down syndrome is recovering from his injuries nearly a week after Miami-Dade police officers beat him outside his home. According to police reports, a violent confrontation ensued after officers tried to handcuff Gilberto Powell to investigate a bulge they spotted in his pants. After he was detained they realized the bulge […]

MIAMI — Shawn Loftis, a substitute teacher in the Miami-Dade County Public School system was fired after his middle school principal found out about his porn career through a Wikipedia entry under his porn name, Collin O’Neal. Lofits, also a citizen reporter for CNN, was suspended and then had his teacher’s license revoked. After unsuccessfully […]

The University of Miami may see its storied football program go up in smoke (for at least a while) after it was determined that a booster gave money, gifts and other sorts of lavish items to players in order to entice them to join the football program. So, it appears that the University of Miami […]

MIAMI-After the Memorial Day weekend violence that included a man shot by police, bystanders shot, and three police officers injured, the Miami Beach Commissioner, Jerry Libbin has publicly supported a curfew for the holiday weekend. Activists are blaming Hip Hop and calling for “Urban Beach Week” to be replaced by a Jazz and Blues Festival. […]

MIAMI-Police killed a man after an altercation that lead to a shoot out and car chase in Miami during the busy Memorial Day festivities. The Miami Herald reports: Police Chief Carlos Noriega said the weekend’s relative peace was shattered just before 4 a.m. when a driver struck an officer with his car near Collins Avenue […]