Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson’s daughter Paris cried on the floor outside of her father’s bedroom as Conrad Murray performed CPR to save the pop star’s life, Jackson’s bodyguard Faheem Muhammad testified Wednesday in court. Muhammad also said Murray was sweating and very nervous as he worked to resuscitate Jackson while another bodyguard dialed 911. Jackson’s personal assistant Michael […]

Michael Jackson’ brother, Jermaine Jackson, has a new book titled “You Are Not Alone, Michael: Through a Brother’s Eyes” that covers their childhood together as well as the child abuse allegations that haunted Michael. The book is coming out right when Michael Jackson is back in the news due to the trial of his doctor, […]

Fans of the late-great Michael Jackson said they couldn’t resist the opportunity to visit the singer’s childhood home in Gary, Indiana. “We were exploring the area and decided to come here,” Rotoloni said. The local friends, including Joe Dallmann, who now lives in California, were fans as youngsters of Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” album released in […]

The mother of deceased pop star Michael Jackson, Katherine Jackson, appeared on The Today Show with Matt Lauer and spoke about the Dr. Conrad Murray trial and her involvement in the case. Jackson’s mother has been at every court hearing. “I just felt I had to be there,” she said. “I was with him everyday […]

Michael Jackson‘s much-talked about collaborations with Freddie Mercury of the British rock band Queen are finally being released.  Jackson & Mercury teamed up in the early 80s to record three demos that will be finished by the surviving members of Queen.

In the 1980s, musicians only scratched the surface of what could be done with the music video. Michael Jackson set the standard and in the 1990s, everyone raced to match or surpass him.

We asked The Whispers, Prince or Michael Jackson? Take A Look! Kyte.Embed.path=”http://media.kyte.tv”;Kyte.Embed.altpath=”http://www.kyte.tv”;window.kyteplayer=new Kyte.Player(“”,{appKey:”default”,width:420,height:685,p:”6361″,s:1146870,tbid:”10″}); RELATED: Top 9 Black Sitcom Theme Songs RELATED: The Greatest Black Sitcom of All Time? Vote Now! RELATED: Top 9 Music Videos of the 1980s

Singer and reality TV star Ray J remembers when he met the legendary Michael Jackson for the first time.

Music videos weren’t exactly a new phenomenon when MTV debuted in 1981. French musicians had been making short films to accompany their songs since the invention of the Scopitone visual jukebox in the late 1950s. However, MTV’s launch upped not only the quantity of music videos being produced, but the quality. We racked our brains […]

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) – The doctor hired to care for Michael Jackson was charged on Monday with killing the pop star after a lengthy investigation that found a lethal cocktail of drugs in the singer’s system when he died last year. Dr. Conrad Murray, who lives in Las Vegas, pleaded not guilty to a charge […]