8/31/16- Roland Martin talks to Dr. Assata Richards, a Penn State alumni ,about why she and other former students are defending Nate Parker. “We feel strongly that the media was misrepresenting the facts of the case. There was need for clarity. There was over 700 pages of transcript that people aren’t talking about.Nate Parker went through the […]

The 'Birth of a Nation' actor and director says the 'toxic male culture' aided in his inexperience to properly address the ongoing controversy.

The past month has totally changed the perception of Nate Parker for many people.

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Several of Nate Parker's Penn State classmates released a statement regarding the decades-old rape case.

Ain't we allowed to be concerned and even disgusted with these rape allegations, regardless of how old they are?

In the interim, AFI announced they would screen “Jack Reacher: Never Go Back,” director Edward Zwick's latest film. Zwick is also an executive producer of Parker's film.

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Civil rights activist Rev. Al Sharpton is questioning why filmmaker Nate Parker is under intense public scrutiny for rape charges leveled against him 17 years ago. He believes the rehashing smacks of a possible right-wing conspiracy to keep the public from seeing his film The Birth of a Nation, reports The New York Daily News. “If a […]

On Friday, he was asked by TMZ while in his car, about the 17-year-old rape case against the lauded actor and director.

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Roland Martin and his panel of guests discuss the controversy surrounding Parker and the upcoming release of his new film.