The attempt to get Black Lives Matter labeled a terrorist group has come to a halt. On July 6, a “We the People” petition was created on the White House website in efforts to have the federal government officially recognize the movement as an extremist group. “Terrorism is defined as ‘the use of violence and […]

7/19/16- Roland Martin talks to the Tom Joyner Morning Show live from Cleveland at the 2016 Republican National Convention. Click the link above to hear a recap of day one, what speeches made national news (Melania Trump anyone?) and just how many black people were in attendance. Click the link above to hear the entire […]

Boxing promoter and self-proclaimed “Republi-crat” Don King is no stranger to controversy. King found himself in the middle of a political slugfest at the start of this year’s Republican National Convention after being banned from speaking at the event. According to a New York Times report, GOP officials nixed the idea of King speaking at the […]

7/19/16- The TJMS crew is breaking down the latest news headlines including, allegations that Melania Trump stole FLOTUS’ 2008 speech during the Republican National Convention. Listen and see if you agree.  

With the NAACP Convention only a few hours drive from where the Republican National Convention is being held this week in Cleveland, it would seem to have been a quick trip for "The Donald" to make in order to speak with the nation's largest Black civil rights organization.

Cleveland’s police union asked Ohio Gov. John Kasich to temporarily ban open-carry gun laws in the state, while the Republican National Convention is taking place this week.

Republicans are hoping to bring more than patriotic posters and American flags into the Republican National Convention: They want to tote guns, too. In an…

Donald Trump's xenophobic comments against Mexicans and Muslims is starting to leave a bad taste in the mouths of some donors to the Republican National Convention. The New York Times is reporting that Coca-Cola has decided against matching the $660,000 it gave the RNC for the 2012 Republican convention, "deciding to donate only $75,000 for this year and indicating that it does not plan to provide more."

Comedian Bill Maher may be an avid political and financial supporter of President Barack Obama, but he still found the rambling “sit down” that octogenarian…