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Megyn Kelly, the former FOX News host, is taking her race-baiting to NBC.

For the last several days, Mo’Nique and Lee Daniels have been revisiting a conversation they had privately years ago in public spaces. This rehash of…

We tend to think that white people, regardless of class, have access to everything and fit every stereotype known to man. But The Washington Post says some of your assumptions may be wrong. SEE ALSO: HBO Film To Focus On Interracial Relationships Show Whitney Some Respect You think working-class whites are more religious than upper-class […]

Scott Henson (pictured), a self-described White Texas redneck, was cuffed last Friday by a swarm of policemen, because he was walking his Black 5-year-old grandchild down the street. The Austin resident spoke to NewsOne about how he was accosted by police for being in the company of his grandchild, Ty (pictured). SEE ALSO: GLAAD Is Not Anti-Black […]