Secret Service agents were dispatched to a police/medical incident along the White House north fence line Friday. According to their Twitter account, at this time, Pennsylvania Avenue is closed to pedestrian traffic. Also, 17th street between H & G is closed to cars. We’re told President is okay and has been notified of the incident. […]

The GAO assesses costs to taxpayer for Trump's frequent visits to his Florida club and possible national security breaches.

Donald Trump's travel expenses reached an estimated $10 million in 30 days. He's on track to surpass previous presidents.


Kerry O'Grady, a senior agent in charge of Denver's field office, made her stance clear last week in a series of now deleted posts.


According to a friend, Kamiyah Mobley discovered that she was abducted when she applied for a job two years ago.

Scott D. Stockert, 49, of North Dakota, was arrested on weapons charges after allegedly telling the Secret Service he planned to kidnap Bo or Sunny.

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