As the showdown between President Barack Obama and Republican hopeful Mitt Romney takes shape before the November elections, the courts of battleground state Pennsylvania are…

In key swing states, just ahead of the November showdown between President Barack Obama and Republican hopeful Mitt Romney, voter ID laws and election rules…

The Justice Department’s decision last week to block a new South Carolina law requiring voters to present photo identification is only the first of what will be a year-long battle between advocates and opponents of stricter voting laws. And the results of those fights could determine the winner of the 2012 presidential election. SEE ALSO: […]

Embattled U.S. Attorney Eric Holder is set to deliver a speech this evening that is likely to address the wave of newly passed state laws across the country that require voters to provide photo identification when voting, the New York Times reports. SEE ALSO: Newt Gingrich’s Most Controversial Remarks School Gives Sagging Students The Belt […]

A former Alabama democratic congressman who ran to try to become the state’s first Black governor last year, has come out in support of the state’s new controversial voter ID laws. Artur Davis, who many compared to President Barack Obama and Newark Mayor Cory Booker, came out in support of the state’s controversial law which […]

A few weeks ago, an elderly, 96-year-old Tennessee woman was denied the right to vote. She was African American. With the 2012 elections approaching, and the main candidate up for re-election being African American, many in the Black community have been the target of attempts to change voter ID laws that harken back to the […]

A 96-year-old woman who has been voting for more than 70 years, even through the Jim Crow era, said the new voting ID laws in Tennessee have made voting more of a hassle than its ever been. Dorothy Cooper spoke about the difficulties she experienced trying to vote appearing on Rev. Al Sharpton’s Politics Nation show. […]

A 96-year old Tennessee woman has become the latest example of the GOP’s fight to suppress voters from heading to the polls. Dorothy Cooper is 96 but she can remember only one election when she’s been eligible to vote but hasn’t. The retired domestic worker was born in a small North Georgia town before women […]

WASHINGTON— According to a new report, over five million voters could be denied the right to vote under new laws adopted in a dozen states. The study released Sunday night by the Brennan Center for Justice in New York said that new laws regarding photo identification requirements for voting, eliminating same day voter registration in several […]

LOS ANGELES — At the 102nd annual NAACP convention, NAACP President, Ben Jealous, compared new voter ID laws to “Jim Crow.” He also blamed them on the “most racist and conservative elements in the Tea Party.” Reuters reports: NAACP President Benjamin Jealous said a wave of newly enacted photo-ID requirements stemmed from what he saw […]