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Using the tragic murder of 17-year-old Trayvon  Martin as the backdrop, “Saturday Night Live” had a little fun at the expense of Piers Morgan and the latest round of media coverage surrounding Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, reports MSNBC.

While some thought the skit was hilarious, others believe that it was in extremely bad taste.

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MSNBC reports:

Cast member Taran Killam reprised his role as Piers Morgan, and discussed the controversial Trayvon Martin case with a slew of famous figures, including Ozzie Guillen (played by Brolin), West (played by Pharoah), and Kim Kardashian, played by Nasim Pedrad.

“I feel for (Martin),” West said. “Maybe it’s just the black man in me.”

Replied Kardashian, “I also know what it feels like to have a black man in me.”

The sketch had viewers torn. Many posted angry remarks saying tackling the Martin case crossed the line. Others enjoyed the spoof of West and Kardashian, as well as the take on over-sensationalized media.

And a certain talk-show host himself now wants to get in the game.

Tweeted the real-life Piers Morgan, “I think it’s time I hosted #SNL — they’re using me every week for ratings anyway. May as well get paid for it… Lorne?”

Ironically, in a heated “mine is bigger than yours” contest with author Toure on CNN, Morgan brought up Toure’s unfortunate Twitter “joke” to prove that the MSNBC contributor was lacking journalistic integrity. Attempting “tragicomedy,” Toure had previously tweeted this:

New slang! You’re Zimmermanning Me = You’re Killing Me.”

Toure had accused Morgan of throwing softball questions to Zimmerman’s brother as proof that the British expat didn’t understand the intricacies of America’s painful history with race. Morgan, rightfully upset at Toure’s quasi-isolationist stance, reminded him that his joke was by far more insulting to the Martin family.

Funny then, that Morgan would now find an entire skit that could be deemed hurtful and disrespectful to Martin’s family and his memory, the perfect time to lightly acknowledge the joke — while simultaneously pitching himself as a future host on SNL.

Maybe Toure’s critique wasn’t so far off after all.


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