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During the NFL Player’s Association Rookie Premiere event last weekend, Outsports, caught up with several NFL players, including Washington Washington Football Team quarterback Robert Griffin III, to discuss playing with homosexual teammates.

The rookie shared his experience playing with an openly gay teammate in high school with the site:

Griffin remembered a high school teammate who had come out to his team in Copperas Cove, Texas. While Griffin said he has gay friends and wouldn’t care if a player came out on his new Washington Washington Football Team team, he remembered a sad ending to the football career of his gay former teammate.

“When he came out, he stopped playing,” Griffin said. “He might have stopped playing because of the negative feedback he might have gotten from being that on the football team. So, I think that’s probably why he ended up quitting.”

It was from that out player that Griffin learned a gay teammate poses no threat.

“Just because they’re gay doesn’t mean they’re hitting on you,” he said.

Though Griffin didn’t go into detail about the “negative feedback,” his  acceptance is a huge step on the path of gay athletes being open with their sexuality and their teammates accepting it.