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On Sunday, July 1, Metro fares and parking fees increased. You can view a summary of all fare changes on Metro’s website, but the best way to determine the new fare for your trip is to use Metro’s Trip Planner and enter a travel date of July 1 or later. (Use July 2 to calculate peak-period fares.)

A few highlighted fare changes:

Metrorail Fares

·         Off-peak fares: $1.70 – $3.50  (Senior/Disabled: $1.05 – $2.85)

·         Peak Fare: $2.10 – $5.75  (Senior/Disabled: $1.05 – $2.85)

·         The peak-of-the-peak surcharge (20¢ per trip) has been eliminated.

·         A $1 surcharge will be applied to each trip taken using a paper farecard (Senior/Disabled: 50¢ surcharge). To avoid this surcharge, customers are encouraged to use a SmarTrip® card.

For your convenience, new SmarTrip® dispensers have been installed at the following stations: Rosslyn, Dupont Circle, Farragut West, Foggy Bottom, Reagan National Airport, Vienna, Gallery Place, Smithsonian and Union Station.


·         1-Day Metrorail Pass (valid at any time) available on SmarTrip® or paper farecard:  $14

·         7-Day Metrorail Fast Pass available on SmarTrip® only: $57.50

·         28-Day Metrorail Fast Pass available on SmarTrip® only:  $230

·         7-Day Metrorail Short Trip Pass available on paper farecard only: $35

Metrobus Fares

·         Regular Routes

o    with SmarTrip®: $1.60

o    with cash: $1.80

·         Express Routes

o    with SmarTrip®: $3.65

o    with cash: $4

o    Airport Routes $6

·         Passes

o    7-Day Regional Pass $16