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Editor’s note: This story contains graphic language and will be offensive to some readers.

Former South Carolina GOP executive director Todd Kincannon (pictured) refuses to walk back his Super Bowl tweet insulting slain Florida teen, Trayvon Martin, just days before what would have been his 18th birthday.

In addition to calling Trayvon — who was gunned down on February 26, 2012 by so-called neighborhood watchman, George Zimmerman — a drugged-out thug, Kincannon compared him to the disturbed teenagers who carried out the massacre at Columbine High School and said that he “deserved to die.”

Read just a few of  the disturbing tweets below:

The internet, and the ability to type whatever one feels without repercussions, sure has made a lot of people brave.

In an appearance on HuffPost Live Monday, Kincannon said that his tweets were “satire” and meant to illuminate how “the left” had  romanticized Trayvon’s murder:

“The left has decided that Trayvon Martin was just this perfect little angel,” Kincannon said. “He was a thug. He tweeted about drug use. This guy, he was a criminal, and the left has decided to make him some sort of martyr. That is what I don’t understand.”

See clip below:

When questioned about his ignorant tweets, Kincannon began whining about how he had been called “cracker” and receiving death threats in response to his “satire,” and the real travesty was that free speech was met with threats of violence.

Never mind that the “drugs” Kincannon are referring to amounts to traces of marijuana or that Trayvon’s “criminality” was a school suspension, or that Zimmerman was likely under the influence of prescription drugs — Temazepam and Adderall — with the known side-effects “aggression, anxiety, delusions, depression, hallucination and hostility” when he gunned down a man-child carrying nothing but tea and Skittles for his baby brother.

No, let’s not talk about that, because weak little men like Kincannon feel like irreverent, tough guys “cracking jokes” about murdered 17-year-olds.

This is why I loathe people who fit his description — Self-entitled, privileged assholes, with an aversion to the truth and no discernible value other than the dubious ability to believe they are actually worth a tinker’s damn when all evidence points to the contrary. Somewhere along the way, they were told the were witty and intelligent and unique, when they’re actually a dime a dozen at the local KKK rally.

And this is why there will never be a mass exodus of Black people from the Democratic Party to the Republican Party because the most noxious, vitriolic manifestations of racism, hypocrisy, bigotry and prejudice all seem to come from the right side of the room.


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