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Keke Onpoint was interested in getting a bigger derriere. So the Detroit native signed up for “The Black Market” treatment at a hotel on April 5th, paying $1,100 for a butt injection from a stranger. Big mistake.

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Rather than receiving a larger behind, Onpoint received septic shock, ending up in the hospital and nearly dying. It turns out the silicone Onpoint was injected with is the type not meant for human bodies, according to MyFoxDetroit.

“Immediately after I got the injections, I started lumping up really bad,” Onpoint told WXYZ.

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“I was just fascinated about today’s fashion and the look of having a larger backside. It’s so popular and it’s such a phenomenon here.”

Watch a news report about Keke’s infection:

Onpoint was just another victim of back door butt injections, typically life-threatening and illegal. But the practice has proven to be profitable for those who organize the treatments. Memphis native Natasha Stewart, a.k.a “Pebblez Da Model,” cashed in $200 for every person she referred to a surgeon who offered the injections.

One of her clients, Karima Gordon, died after the fake plastic surgeon injected her with concrete. But in the ever popular quest for a Nicki Minaj-esque backside, it’s likely more women will sign up for their chance to improve what their mothers gave them. Even if it could kill them.

As for Keke, there’s a interesting irony in her case. Doctors claim she may have to get part of her behind removed to cure her infection.

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