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A video of young girls fighting over an alleged dispute over boys was filmed by close friends, sources told the Daily News Thursday.

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In the attack, which happened last Friday at Queens’ Astoria Park, a group of teenage girls approach the two friends. One of the friends with red hair is seen trading blows with her assailant before another joins and tag teams her. She is eventually seen with a bloody face; her friend is attacked with an orange traffic cone, which broke her nose.

The video shows other girls egging on the attackers while recording the brawl. Queens Councilman Peter Vallone, who represents the district, commented on the disturbing video.

Watch the video here:

“It’s sad that the video shows a lot of kids encouraging the beating and other kids filming the beating, but no one trying to step in and stop the beating,” he said. “You like to think the kids in your neighborhood won’t be involved in this type of behavior, but it’s happening everywhere.”

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Vallone notified authorities after seeing the video for himself. According to sources, the victims attend Intermediate School 126. The attackers are from Long Island City High School. The source claimed that the red-haired girl was also beaten up at a nearby McDonalds’s over a boy, perhaps a precursor of what was to come.

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