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A Detroit-area pimp took his own life as a team of law enforcement officers closed in on arresting him, Fox 2 News Detroit reports.

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Officers of a multi-regional law enforcement team repeatedly knocked on Mark Luke White ‘s (pictured) door in Southfield, Mich., demanding that he give himself up. After getting nothing but radio silence, they raided the apartment and secured it. Some 20 seconds later, officers heard a single gunshot. Officers found White dead in the back bedroom.

Had authorities apprehended him alive, they believe they would have had a strong case to convicted him on human trafficking charges. Authorities believe that White was using his business, “Sizzling Hot,” to run a prostitution ring.

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His business cards included a catchy message: Do you have champagne dreams with a Coca-Cola budget? Are you a strong willed independent young lady with exquisite taste? Do you make your own decisions without being influenced by your peers? If you answered yes, then call for great career opportunities.”

The career opportunities White was referring lead straight to a life of prostitution and abuse, authorities allege. “These predators, and Mr. White was a predator, they actually go out there and they look for people that they know have some weakness and things that they can prey upon,” said Lieutenant Mike Shaw with Michigan State Police.

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White, who spent three years in prison on prostitution charges, was dubbed a “gorilla pimp” by authorities because of his extremely violent behavior towards his victims. Though one of them was brave enough to come forward to Southfield police and report White. The victim told cops that White would let her visit family every few weeks, but left her with a very strong message: If you do not come back, I will kill you and your family.

“She was being held against her will,” Shaw said. “She was fortunate. She had the strong will enough to decide that one time enough was enough, and then she went to the police, and we got her out of that situation, and she’s alive today.”

The cops found drugs, money a safe and other things they would not tell the media. Authorities say their investigation is not done and believe there are more victims connected to White’s alleged human trafficking enterprise. They are being urged to come forward.

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