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7. Double Up On Drinks

Get drunk the night before–on electrolytes and H20 that is. High altitudes will certainly dehydrate you sis, so try avoid getting tipsy the night before and in flight. Make your go to non sugary sports drinks and electrolyte enhanced waters like Smart Water. Do this and you can certainly throw dehydration the deuces.

8. Sleep If You Want To

At all cost catch those zzz’s the night before in your own bed lady. Catching up on sleep during that 6 hour coast to coast flight may seem like a good idea, but its actually not. Don’t get me wrong, sleeping in the clouds is cool- however that baby two rows behind you really doesn’t care that you pulled an all-nighter last night. Speaking of sleep, take sleep aids at your own risk. Popping pills on a flight that is not long enough to accommodate deep sleeping can leave you groggy, or even worse- late for your connecting flight. The only pill I recommend is vitamin C and some echinacea. This will make sure your immune system knows what’s up both during and post your travels.

9. Moisturizing Is A Must

Lotion is usually a staple in our demographic, however if you happen to think you can board this next flight ashy then you are mistaken. Low air pressure is no punk and that air climate while up in the clouds is nothing to play with. Dry air leads to dry skin so lather up and don’t be afraid to rock that night cream while in flight…no one will know expect your pores.

Don’t Trip: 10 Easy Ways To Stay Healthy & Fit While Traveling  was originally published on hellobeautiful.com

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