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pastorPastor Apostle Johnnie Clark (pictured) is facing a two-week jail stint for reportedly allowing his congregants to praise the Lord too loudly! According to WLTX, the good Rev., who heads the Rehoboth United Assemblies Church has violated the city noise limits of Columbia, S.C., by singing, shouting, dancing, and drumming, and neighbors have summoned police more thn 50 times with complaints about the over-animated Holy Rollers.

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The church has been a neighborhood fixture for some 25 years, and as folks move out of the area and new ones trickle in, the tolerance factor for the noise is apparently not the same.

According to neighbors in the area who spoke to WLTX, the church’s musical sound amplification can he heard morning and night, with the music being so reportedly loud that a few of them can actually feel the walls of their homes vibrate.

Consequently, the church has paid countless fines regarding the noise, but now the courts decided to get tougher. Clark, who was on trial for three days, was found guilty by a judge on Thursday for unlawful sound amplification.

And not only does Clark have to spend time behind bars, but he also has to pay a fine.

The only alternative to solving the neighbor’s complaints, according to Clark, is to get the building soundproofed, which is reportedly an expensive endeavor, he tells WLTX, “Everyone is just praying that this will be settled, but the only way I know is to go through a lot of expenses to soundproof the church.”

Meanwhile, Clark is currently being held at the Alvin S. Glenn Detention Center.

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