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On Monday, April 6, Dr. Cornel West and Carl Dix, co-initiators of the Stop Mass Incarceration Network, will discuss police brutality against unarmed people at Church of St. Paul & St. Andrew in New York, NY.

The emergency meeting was called to address the need for people to gather for a national mass shutdown held by the Stop Mass Incarceration Network on Tuesday, April 14. The families of individuals killed by police violence, author Alice Walker, and anti-war activist Cindy Sheehan will address the crowd.

According to the press release:

West and Dix, co-initiators of the Stop Mass Incarceration Network, called today for an emergency gathering on April 6 in New York City, saying, After the protests of last year, after promises were made and investigations were launched, after hundreds of protesters were arrested, the police are still getting away with killing people, especially Black and Latino people. This must STOP!

 Protesters site the killings by police of Tony Robinson in Madison; Anthony Hill in Atlanta; and Tamir Rice  in Cleveland as only some of the latest deaths. Reports that killings by law enforcement are twice the number the U.S. government has reported 545 average per year over a decade – have contributed to outrage and alarm.


Dix called last month for powerful outpourings of resistance on April 14 that disrupt business as usual all across the country because that business as usual includes police getting away with murdering Black and Latino people.

Check out the livestream above to see Dix and Cornell talk police violence and what we must do to stop it.

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