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WXII's Kenny Beck talks to Political Analyst Marc Sandalow about what to expect next as the nominees get closer to the Democratic and Republican Conventions.

As voters head to polls in five primary states Tuesday, NewsOne decided to take a look at exit poll data from New York’s primary race this week to determine just who voted for Democratic presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sandersand what it likely means for the rest of the election season.

Indeed, the outcome of next week’s primary contests in Connecticut, Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania and Rhode Island could finally determine the Democratic presidential nominee. Why? Well, as New York goes, so goes the nation.

It’s true that nothing this election season has conformed to any paradigm, especially when Donald Trump, a reality television star, is leading the Republican presidential race. But both Trump, a native of New York, and Clinton, a transplant and former U.S. Senator, handily won New York’s primary earlier this week, and both appear poised to claim their party’s nomination based on data gathered by CBS News.

A breakdown of racial exit poll data shows that African-Americans and Hispanics helped deliver the New York primary to Clinton. The numbers matter because Sanders has struggled to gain traction with voters of color and it could spell trouble for his candidacy; Democrats have traditionally won with their support.

From CBS News:

Breakdown of Clinton-Sanders supporters by gender:

                            Clinton           Sanders

Male                    50 percent      50 percent

Female                63 percent      37 percent

Breakdown of Clinton-Sanders supporters by age:

                            Clinton           Sanders

18-29                  35 percent       65 percent

30-44                  53 percent       47 percent

45-64                  63 percent       37 percent  

65-plus               73 percent       27 percent

Breakdown of Clinton-Sanders supporters by race: 

                            Clinton           Sanders

White men          43 percent       57 percent

White women     56 percent        44 percent

Black men           67 percent       33 percent  

Black women      79 percent       21 percent

Latino women     67 percent     33 percent

Based on the numbers, do you think Sanders will remain in the race after next week’s primaries if he loses any states? Sound off in the comments.


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