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Say What?! Black Woman Calls 911 During Traffic Stop, Cop Later Attacks Her

A newly released video of a Black Houston woman arrested during a traffic stop, completely disputes the officer’s claims that the social worker was resisting arrest and was violent.

According the Houston Chronicle, when Earledreka White, 28, was pulled over by Officer Gentian Luca in March for crossing the double white line, she called 911 to ask for police backup because she was afraid of the officer who stopped her,

“I would like another officer to come out here,” she says to the dispatcher. “My heart is racing. I’m really afraid.”

She later said told the newspaper, “As I tell the dispatcher that this man is threatening to ‘Tase’ me, he backs away, then comes back and literally tries to break my arm,” she says.

“This man is twisting my arm,” she said to the dispatcher. She then looked to the officer and screamed, “Please get your hands off of me. What is wrong with you? … Why are you doing this? I haven’t done anything.”

And yet, she was charged with resisting arrest and search–acts that the video doesn’t quite show.

White later filed a complaint, but police said they would not confirm that the officer would be disciplined.

“He got impatient,” said James Douglas, the Houston’s chapter NAACP President. “This is obviously a police officer who needs some training on how to de-escalate a situation, and I would think it would be especially important in today’s climate.”

Hold Up! Did Melania Trump Lie About Her Visa Status?

Republican National Convention

Source: Tom Williams / Getty

For as determined as Donald Trump is to keep immigrants from illegally coming into the United States, a Politico report suggests that his own wife, Melania Trump, may be guilty of exactly the same thing.

This all came into question when the New York Post published nude photographs that it’s reported that she took in 1995 in the U.S, potentially on a short-term visa that would not have allowed her to legally work, Jezebel noted. However, the Trumps have consistently said that Melania immigrated legally in 1996 with her flying back to Europe getting her visa stamped every few months.

But something isn’t adding up, Politico said:

Trump’s tale of returning to Europe for periodic visa renewals is inconsistent with her holding an H-1B visa at all times she was living in New York — even if it was the lesser-known H-1B visa specifically designed for models — said multiple immigration attorneys and experts. An H-1B visa can be valid for three years and can be extended up to six years — sometimes longer — and would not require renewals in Europe every few months. If, as she has said, Trump came to New York in 1996 and obtained a green card in 2001, she likely would not have had to return to Europe even once to renew an H-1B.

Instead, Trump’s description of her periodic renewals in Europe are more consistent with someone traveling on a B-1 Temporary Business Visitor or B-2 Tourist Visa, which typically last only up to six months and do not permit employment.

Bloop. Well Melania had something to say about the speculation:

This will be interesting.

President Obama Announces Largest Set Of Clemency Grants In Over A Century

Democratic Party convention in USA

Source: Anadolu Agency / Getty

President Obama is shortening the sentences of 214 federal inmates, including 67 doing life, the Associated Press reported.

The White House announced that this is the largest sect of clemencies on a single day in more than a century. It’s also important to note that almost all of these inmates were incarcerated for nonviolent drug offenses.

“All of the individuals receiving commutation today — incarcerated under outdated and unduly harsh sentencing laws — embody the president’s belief that ‘America is a nation of second chances,’” White House counsel Neil Eggleston wrote in a blog post.

Yet, POTUS has more work to do.

“We are not done yet,” Deputy Attorney General Sally Yates said. “We expect that many more men and women will be given a second chance through the clemency initiative.”

We see you Prez.

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