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The Conservative Right isn’t hiding the fact that they are trying to suppress the Black, Latino and female Democratic vote.

Recently, they created false ads for Hillary Clinton supporters suggesting that they can “avoid the line” by texting or Tweeting their votes instead of physically going to a polling station. They even added the hashtags #ImWithHer and #GoHillary on the ads. Another one said: “Vote early. Text ‘Hillary’ to 59925.”

BUT BE CLEAR: The only way to vote is to either a.) go to a polling station and cast your vote or b.) send in an absentee ballot. You cannot text or Tweet your vote, ever.

The ads have since been removed from Twitter, but here’s a screenshot of a few of them via The Washington Post:

It’s not clear who distributed the fake ads, but according to Fortunesome of the people sharing them used Twitter handles–such as “@nia4_trump” and “@FountainHead55.” However, there is no evidence however that they are officially linked to Donald Trump or his campaign.

But what’s really interesting was that Twitter initially didn’t remove the ads—even after they got complaints. Officials said that the ads didn’t violate their Terms of Service, but later, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey took to Twitter, suggesting the initial response was a mere oversight.

And while these ads are disgusting, sadly they’re not illegal.

There is no law against misinformation or lying at polls. It is possible to argue that providing some misinformation to voters could be seen as voter intimidation and therefore a violation of the Voting Rights Act and other federal (and state) laws. But I don’t think that would apply to these ads,” Rick Hasen, a law professor at UC Irvine, recently told Fortune.

Whatever the case: DO NOT fall for the okeydoke!

Find your local polling place here and don’t forget to vote early or on Nov 8!


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