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After last week’s episode, I was extremely grateful for somewhat of a breather. For Ernestine’s lungs, but especially for Rosalee. Although it’s acting, I was ’bout worn out for my girl.

Before we tackle tonight’s drama, look at this behind the scene moment Jurnee Smollett Bell shared on her Instagram. She and husband Josiah Bell are #BlackLove #RelationshipGoals. Alladat.

But on to the recap.

Our man Daniel is still reading. And out loud! He tells another slave, played by the yummy Brad James (Tyler Perry’s For Better Or For Worse), that reading is now a gift and a curse and it put feelings to emotions he didn’t know existed. Deep Bokeem. Real deep.

Much of episode four is spent between present day and London, England featuring Cato and his recently acquired affluence. The villain we love to hate boasts to Noah of his time in Europe, where we’re finally introduced to Cato’s former love.

And although I wasn’t complaining of a bearded Noah (I could see through all of that), audiences are reintroduced to why we fell in love with the chocolateyness (yes, it’s a word. I checked) of Aldis Hodge from season one. The two trade verbal blows over dinner and Noah quickly realizes just how powerful Cato now is.

Our favorite girls in the sewing circle are hard at work planning an anti slave rally. Can I just say kudos to these beautiful women. The amount of bravery they had to posses during that time — go ‘head girls! A pregnant Rosalee has made it back to Georgia’s and we quickly learn Noah’s baby mama will remain in a medical induced coma to help the healing process.

Cato is still in London flaunting his new wealth, throwing cash money all up in white folks faces and whatnot.

We continue learning more about his relationship. He soon proposes and after much persistence, takes up boxing. I honestly believe it was in this moment a villain was born.

Our girl Elizabeth Banks finally has her voice back and prepares to take the stage at the anti slave rally (am I the only one that detects a bit of an interest between she and the other activist?). She knows speaking out on this platform will open her up to hate, ridicule and possibly even death, but she rallies on. Even after being hit by a rock by one of the men in the audience.

Cato and Noah finally have their epic showdown. I’ve been waiting on this moment since Noah left him behind. Cato, still reeling from the betrayal of season one, barters with Noah for his freedom. Since he’s so hell-bent on the concept, will he trade his freedom for that of seven slaves on Cato’s plantation? For a moment I thought Noah would consider the proposition but he declined.

Cato sends Noah to an unnamed black man of equal affluence and he begins to tell his story. So yes, we still hate Cato, especially for leaving his fiance in the middle of the night. But, buying the seven slaves freedom proves there is still a bit of good lying beneath the hatred.

Fun fact. Actress Salli Richardson Whitfield directed this episode.


Enjoyed the recap? Let’s talk about your favorite moments in the comments below. Meet me back here next Thursday and let’s chat about episode two. Season two of Underground airs every Wednesday at 10:00 p.m. ET/PT on WGN America.

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