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NAACP Regional Field Manager Reddit Hudson sits with our very own DJ Kut to discuss the NAACP Travel Advisory for the State of Missouri.

In the clip above, you’ll hear Hudson express his concern with our nation’s current leadership. “This new administration is hellbent on doing as much damage to black and brown people,” Hudson says.

Within the last month, the state of Missouri has issued State Senate Bill 43 proposed by a man in Northeast Missouri who is a State Legislature known for using the N-Word regularly.

This bill makes discrimination almost at will, and requires a new standard of proof to prove that the reason you lost your job is explicitly due to discrimination by your employer where before it simply had to be a contributing factor. “It is one of the worst pieces of legislation passed in the nation. It is borderline Jim Crow,” Hudson says.

Another trigger, according to Hudson, is the Tory Sanders case. Sanders, a resident of Nashville, Tn. suffering from depression, wandered into Missouri to “clear his head.” Once he realized he was out of gas he called his mother to ask her if she thought it would be safe to ask the police for help.

When he did, he was detained in the Charleston county jail, situated as the county seat of Mississippi County, for being “combative.” While in custody, Sanders collapsed and upon arrival to the hospital he was pronounced dead in the small town in Southeast Missouri.

“That constellation of events and long-running history of the NAACP… that whole history folded out to the decisions to make some kind of response,” Hudson said. This need to make the state of Missouri feel something was presented at the NAACP National Convention in Baltimore last week, and the travel advisory was issued Monday.


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