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A massive brawl broke out at a San Marcos, Texas Popeyes restaurant earlier this week and the troubling footage is going viral.

According to reports, the Popeyes employees intervened to save their pregnant general manager who was reportedly being kicked in the stomach during a fight. She is seven-and-a-half months pregnant.

“If you see someone is pregnant, you’re not going to hit them,” Vedo Kemraj, owner of the Popeyes told local news site “I don’t get that.”

Apparently the altercation began when the customers, believed to be Texas State University students, attempted to place separate orders at the drive thru, but were instructed to come inside because their orders were too complicated.

“When the customers came inside, they started arguing with my general manager and went to the back of the counter and started fighting,” Kemraj said.

The pregnant manager and her child are expected to be OK. No one has been arrested in connection with the fight.


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