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Starbucks may have to change its name to Sunken Bucks after several employees have been caught in racist incidents in the last 12 months.

The number of times that some of the coffee chain’s staff members have insulted and profiled people is beyond ridiculous. At this point, people may have to start keeping score on this mess.

Racial profiling incidents at Starbucks have targeted African Americans, Asian Americans and Latino Americans in the last year. It’s been several of the chain’s locations who have had employees dip their hands in the racist cookie jar, but it was after two Black men were arrested at a Philadelphia location last month that executives were forced to announce a racial bias training on May 29. Here are three of the incidents:

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Cup Of Hate – Location: La Cañada, California

An employee brewed up a cup of hate Wednesday (May 16) when a Latino customer’s coffee drink had a racial slur written on it, CBS Los Angeles reported. The man, identified as only Pedro, couldn’t believe that he was targeted, his friend, Miguel Acosta said.

“He went to Starbucks, and they asked for his name, and his name is ‘Peter’ [Pedro], and they wrote this [racial slur],” Acosta told CBS through a coworker who was translated his statement. “And he’s saying that’s not fair.”

Bathroom Ban – Location: Torrance, California

Brandon Ward, an African-American customer, was denied access to a restroom at a Starbucks location in Torrance, a city in southern California, in January, USA Today reported. A White customer was granted access and given the bathroom code though the person was not a customer.

Another Cup Of Hate – Undisclosed Location

A Starbucks barista labeled a beverage given to Jake Kim, an Asian customer, with a racist slur last September. Kim shared his horrible story on Facebook, but didn’t disclose the location because he only held the employee who wrote the derogatory term responsible, he said.


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