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Baltimore cease fire

Source: Kevin Beasley / Dream Bigger Media Group

It’s already been a year since the first Ceasfire Weekend kicked off in Baltimore headed by Erricak Bridgeford and her team. Their goal is simple- to help bring peace to our city. Throughtout the year they have picked certain weekend to call a end to violence. Over the year, we have had a couple of successful weekend where there were no killings.

There are a couple events this weekend to promote the peaceful weekend.

Friday night there are 2 peace rallies. There is one on Park Heights and the other on Edmondson Ave. Then on Saturday there is the Ceasefire Parade starting at Park Heights and Belvedere at 12pm. Sunday, Erricka Bridgeford will be speaking at Kingdom Life Church at 10am. Closing out the weekend, the Ceasefire Team with KEYS Development from 4p-7pm will be having dinner.

Be sure to check out the Ceasefire Facebook Page for all updates.

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