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A New Yorker is going viral after he accused his “n-word” Lyft driver of being, “racist against gay people.”

Robert Ortiz, who is a gay man, got into Lyft with two friends after leaving a gay club. At some point during the drive, the three men reportedly asked the driver, named Shan Pepas Lettman, to play music. Lettman declined and an argument followed, which resulted in Lettman stopping the car. At this point, Ortiz picked up his own phone to call the police and Lettman started recording the men as they became more belligerent.

A YouTube video and GoFundMe campaign have popped up in support of the driver that this gay man says was threatening him.

In more than 16 minutes of footage, Ortiz calls police, Lyft, and a friend of his.

While talking to the representative Ortiz denies being “a racist,” and said, “your driver is racist against gay people.” He also threatens to sue Lyft for “everything they’re worth.” After a lengthy back and forth, he said,  I’m not gonna stop talking you piece of sh*t. You’re gonna tell me to stop talking? F*** you. I’m gonna wait for the police. [hangs up]”

Ortiz, on a video call with a friend, can be heard saying, “Yo, Boo, tell me why I’m in a Lyft and the n**ga fu**ing pulled over.”

“The n**ga’s recording me without my consent, because I asked for music,” he said.

Ortiz also vowed to make Lettman’s night “a living hell,” and “f**k Black Lives Matter.”

According to the GoFundMe Lettman set up after the incident, he ended up calling police himself, as he become concerned for his safety.

“Luckily there was no physical confrontation but the company I drive with felt it necessary to cancel my account pending investigation,” wrote the Brooklyn-based driver. “Unfortunately expenses weren’t suspended and I am left to dig myself out of an awfully stressful predicament.”

Lettman added he was also concerned about rumors of an impending lawsuit over the recorded video, and wanted to raise money just in case anything was filed against him.


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