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Source: Eduardo Gonzalez Diaz / EyeEm / Getty

Family pets are the latest victims of our country’s growing opioid epidemic.

According to the FDA, addicts are hurting pups and cats on purpose to get their hands on opiates. Some states like Kentucky, Texas, Utah, and Colorado have already sent out warnings and now the federal government is sounding the alarm on its own.

They’re encouraging veterinarians to do the following:

  • Use alternatives to opioids.
  • Educate pet owners about possible misuse.
  • Have a safety plan in place in case they encounter someone they believe has hurt an animal trying to get a hold of drugs.

There is also a growing movement in some states to create laws to address the problem, including a requirement for vets to report every time they send an opioid or other controlled substance home with a pet owner.

Source: Fox Baltimore 

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