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Since Rob Gronkowski’s retirement back in March of this year, there have been countless rumors and articles speculating on his return to the NFL and when it may happen.

Robert Kraft said in October he wouldn’t rule out Gronk returning, and Gronk agreed he wouldn’t completely rule it out.

A couple days later Michelle Steele of ESPN figured an invite from the GOAT himself, Tom Brady would convince him to get back on the field. Tom Brady was asked about being the one thing needed to get Gronk out of retirement, and Tom assured it is not his role to lobby Gronk out of retirement.

This past Sunday Gronk was again asked again about returning on FOX NFL Sunday and he stood firm in his retirement stage.

“First off, I’m saying I love the guy, (Brady)” Gronk answered. “No, I’m not going back.”

Eyes have been on Gronk even more recently because of how porous the New England Patriots have looked on the offensive side of the ball. They have posted subpar outings on offense in their last two meetings posting just 30 points in both games combined, the patriots have also failed to gain more than 300 yards in each of their last two games.

The defense has picked up a lot of the slack as they’re currently the number one ranked defense in the NFL.

While this most recent no from Gronk on a possibility of returning seemed definitive, just last week he sounded a little more optimistic.

“I wouldn’t say ‘never coming back.’ I’m 30 years old. I’m young. I still stay fit, still watch the game whenever I can, still enjoy it. I’m feeling good, but you know, one year off could possibly be the case. Or maybe two years off, man,” Gronk said. “It’s always an option in the back of my head. It’s not like I’m not staying in shape and not doing anything. I’m never stressed over it.”

In order to eligible for the playoffs, Gronk and the Patriots would have to agree to terms by this Saturday. The clock is ticking, Gronk.


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