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It’s old news to Real Housewives of Atlanta watchers that Marc and Kenya have a toxic marriage (if it’s even real). But what’s even more ridiculous is how much Kenya completely changes who she is for the sake of appeasing Marc’s ego. Last night’s episode of RHOA sparked yet another age old but still necessary discussion. Do gender roles still apply in 2020? It’s one thing to cater to your significant other, and however you define the roles in your relationship is up to you, but the catering has to go both ways and it seems like Kenya is being overly docile and non-combative to fit the stereotype of a good wife.

Last night, we painfully watched Kenya bring Marc some clothes to choose from because he asked her to dress him for his upcoming charity event. Kenya comes waltzing in the room saying, “Your stylist is here,” and then she goes on to present various suit and tie options for Marc to wear. She also said she had never done anything like this before when his facial expressions don’t convey gratitude. He went on to say that stylists are supposed to have everything under control but she’s your wife, not a stylist. They then started bickering about when he let her know that he expected her to do this. She said it was that morning, he said he gave her three days. Either way it’s still last minute and again, she’s not a stylist and there’s a difference between styling and straight dressing someone like they’re a pre-schooler. But according to their relationship he expects his woman to do these types of things. 

“Marc really likes his woman to take care of him. If it’s about what he’s eating tonight or getting dressed that is pretty much my job as his wife,” said Kenya.

Kenya makes things even more painful to watch when she says she’s happy to do these things as long as she feels appreciated but appreciation is far from anything that was happening. He didn’t like the ties she chose and she got not one thank you, and he didn’t even acknowledge her at the event.

Kenya came across as pathetic and her situation should be a learning lesson for anyone else watching this. There’s nothing wrong with people wanting to be taken care of, but a grown man acting like his wife is supposed to treat him like his mother is a no go.

Marc and Kenya’s roles probably won’t matter anymore because it seems like he’s done with the show for good now. #LettucePray that this is truly the last time we see him (probably not, but it’s worth hoping for).

But for everyone else, make sure you’re in a partnership where you both get something reciprocal out of the situation and not something that’s going to be defined by shallow ideas about what women are supposed to be for men and vice versa.

Again, do gender roles still apply? If so, how do they fit into your life…or not?


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